ProbeTools is an open-source project. All the information needed to make ProbeTools devices is available on this site.  We welcome people to make and use them in their own projects — and also to modify them as they wish, or reinvent them entirely.

Every aspect of the ProbeTools is open for change.  You can change the questions used in the TaskCam, develop new casings, swap in new components, add features, tweak parameters or develop new software through GitHub. You’re only limited by your imagination and abilities. We’re curious to see whatever happens.

If you'd like to contribute to case design, please have a look at these GitHub repos:
TaskCam 3D printed
TaskCam Paper Long
TaskCam Paper Right
TaskCam Paper Left
VisionCam Tall
VisionCam Compact

If you're more interested in software, have a look at the following GitHub repos:
TaskCam - Arduino code
TaskCam - Shield firmware

We'd love to see how you're using ProbeTools in your project. Please send us an email to with your experiences. We will be very grateful for anything you care to share!