Camera with Lasercut Hanger - Type A

This housing is made from a 3D printed shell and a lasercut acrylic rear panel. The panel features perforations for attaching a USB battery with cable ties or elastic bands, hooks for wrapping the USB power cable and a hole for hanging the camera itself. The Raspberry Pi, screen and camera are all housed inside the shell for ease of assembly.

The shell has a large switch cover intended for use as a shutter button. This would require a separate push button switch to be wired to the GPIO/header of the Raspberry Pi

The 3D printed shell has zero undercuts and is designed to be printed on any 3D printer with minimal post-production finishing.

 List of Components

  • 3D printed case and lasercut 3mm thick acrylic

  • Raspberry Pi Model 2 and above

  • Adafruit PiTFT 2.2" HAT details

  • Raspberry Pi Camera module V2

  • 6 x No.2 6.4mm & 3 No.2 9.5mm self-tapping screws available here

  • Momentary push button switch, 12mm square - example

  • Micro SD card

  • Micro USB cable for power

  • USB power supply or battery

Download Files

.stl files (no 3D software required) and .step (full assembly) files

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Lasercut Hanger - Type A, Fusion360