Rotating Camera Case

This was one of our first designs for a Raspberry Pi based ProbeTool camera, using a touch screen Pi hat and unique ball & socket fixing for the camera mount first developed for a light sensor in another project. The fixing is 3D printable and allows for near 360 movement while preventing cable twist. The design uses Adafruit’s 3.5” TFT touchscreen in place of the non-touch 2.2 TFT hat with buttons used in all our other designs. The main issue with the design at present if the lack mechanical fixing between the front and rear shells, although a snap attachment  could be quickly developed.

This design has only printed once on a Stratasys Dimension Elite 3D printer that uses soluble support material to construct the complex undercuts and has not been made on a more basic machine such as a Ultimaker 2.

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Rotating Camera, Fusion360